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What I Believe (as it relates to a business crisis)

You find information related to Covid-19 everywhere. . . how to cope . . . how to stay occupied . . . how to wash your groceries . . . how to STAY SAFE! And there are many people struggling with job and income loss, depression, and some losing their lives. Covid-19 was not even in our vocabulary 6 months ago.

This might be strange to post this topic here. After all, isn’t this a website to raise our level of business/contracting in practice? Trust me, it is all related. And there will be crises along the way, just like the one we are in now.

Just like a crisis reveals our true nature on a personal level, our business life cannot surpass where we are personally. For example, you can’t run an ethical business if you are not an ethical person. When working with younger contractors, this is very apparent. If they still have work to do in their personal lives (and who doesn’t), they will hit a wall at some point. Often, they have no idea why. We are just too blind to see the truth many times.

Every experience that I’ve ever had, the good, the bad, and the ugly, has contributed to who I am today. I would not want to go back one day, year, or decade. Even in pain, experiences have forged who I am. Why would I want to go back and undo anything? Then I would only have to learn those lessons later. . . or not at all. And I would be a lesser person for it.

It took a long time to understand myself on an emotional level, to overcome some pretty big obstacles. I was really stuck in a lot of ways. This is not an easy journey. But there is absolutely no way that I would’ve enjoyed the success that I have today had I not powered through and done the work . . . and let go on many levels.

On a spiritual level, I had seen miracles and healing in my life. These kept me alive in spite of myself. But an understanding of what a relationship with God really meant came later. Oh yes, I had heard all the right words and had incredible teaching along the way. But the barriers were inside me. And those barriers needed to come down.

“But I have all the right steps of action, direction, have read all the right books, and the best information to succeed. I have the best mentors. I have the best contacts. I say all the right words!”

STOP RIGHT THERE. That doesn’t mean much if you are so broken that you can’t see the truth about yourself, that you need spiritual direction. Where do you think that sense of ethics begins? If you do and say all the right things but are empty inside, it’s meaningless.

OBSERVATION: If you are blaming anyone or anything for where you are in life, that is a huge red flag that there is inner work to do. And boy, don’t we want to hang on to what we think is ours!

For me, there is very little that I can do or understand without God’s Spirit helping and guiding me. I have to be willing to give up any idea that I’m doing this on my own. I have to “let go” to the next step. I call this the courageous way.

No one can do this on their own. Even the most successful person has countless people to thank. All those clients. All those musicians. We don’t achieve success in a vacuum. And in my opinion, we don’t achieve real success without God either. Do you really think that we’re doing this all on our own?

Have I arrived? Absolutely not. There’s always more inner work to do, no matter how “accomplished” we are. I’m looking for the next thing that God is working out in my life.

Based on my experience, if you are stuck, whether personally or in business, cry out for God to help you, even if that concept seems so foreign to you. And then . . . hang on for the ride of your life!


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